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BW3-4000 Cige back clipped power bank

BW3-4000 Cige back clipped power bank
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Производитель: Hoco
Доступность: На складе
Код товара: 6957531054337
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1. Capacity: 4000mAh 2. Battery: Lithium polymer 3. Size: 163*81*16mm 4. Weight: 98g 5. Input: Lightning-connector input, 5V/1A 6. Output: 5V/1A 7. Material: Flame retardant ABS+PC, surface with matte stripes 8. Display: LED light to indicate the battery status; 9. Built in with magnetic iron sheet, applicable to different magnetic supports; 10. Operation: Start or stop charging the mobile phone with the back clipped battery by long pressing the key for 3 seconds; switch between the mobile phone/back clipped battery by pressing the key for twice continuously; 11. At the time of charging, the mobile phone will be first charged, and after full charge, then the back clipped battery 12. Slim design, without "chin", offering the hand feeling of original phone 13. Applicable to 5.5" iPhone

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