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CA9 Magnetic metal vehicle mounted mobile holder

CA9 Magnetic metal vehicle mounted mobile holder
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Производитель: Hoco
Доступность: На складе
Код товара: 6957531048695
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1. The magnetic disk is 35mm in diameter and 37mm in height; 2. The stand is made through the processing and oxidation of aviation aluminum materials. The silica gel pad is made of environment friendly materials, odorless, no shedding of paint, and with frosting surface; 3. It is easy to install and compact size, allows attachment anywhere and won’t block the air vent; 4. All-angle three-dimensional rotation; more convenient use; 5. With super strong rubidium iron boron magnet adopted, the stand can be attached stably; 6. Mighty 3M glue is applied on the attachment surface of the base, realizing more secured attachment (do not use until 12 hours after installation); 7. Supplied with two magnetic sheets.

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