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K6 Beauty fill-in light wireless selfie stick

K6 Beauty fill-in light wireless selfie stick
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Производитель: Hoco
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Код товара: 6957531072300
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1. Weight:100g, size: 30 * 22 * 126mm (folded), the maximum length is 72.5cm unfolded, for phone width of about 5.5 ~ 8.5cm (compatible with the most market mobile phone) 2. One-piece retractable storage structure; Bluetooth connection camera; 0 ~ 180 ° rotation angle, equipped with four LED lights, supports three kinds of brightness adjustment for the Selfie light. 3. Material: stainless steel + ABS 4. Bluetooth 3.0 technology, long press the switch button about 3s, blue breathing light flashing, enable Bluetooth on mobile phone, can be paired. Comes with 130mAh lithium battery, charging time of about 2 hours (charging voltage 5V), continuous shooting of about 1000-1500 pics. The specific use of time according to the frequency and habits. Compatible with the most Apple mobile phones and mainstream Android phones on market, compatible with mainstream camera app.

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