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CP4 double layer wheat smell cup

CP4 double layer wheat smell cup
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Производитель: Hoco
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Код товара: 6957531047537
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1. Wheat fiber plastic is a new type of biological material of green environmental protection, which is compounded of the wheat straws and the macromolecule resin by special techniques, and it doesn’t contain any poisonous and harmful plasticizer, heavy metal, BPA and other compositions which are harmful to human body, and it is a natural heath product; 2. The material of the cup is green and environmental. The waste agricultural straws are utilized comprehensively to reduce the air pollution caused by the burning straws. The products can be degraded within 6 to 18 months under the composting condition after they are discarded, with low carbon emission, which also can be recycled and reused; 3. The excellent performance is close to the performance of the traditional macromolecule resin. The intensity is moderate, and the appearance is smooth with comfortable hand feeling and without static electricity; 4. Save resources: The wheat fiber material can be used for many times, which can be a partial substitute for the traditional petroleum product to reduce the dependency for the petroleum resource. Its processing temperature is lower about 40℃ than the traditional plastic with low consumption, can also save a lot of energy; 5. Capacity: 300ml, net weight: 110g, size: net weight; 6. The product cannot be put in the microwave oven.

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